Just Projects is a technical office of engineering, 3D modeling, mold design and construction drawings for the die casting, plastic injection and trimming-tool.

Giuseppe Iore and Marco Marinoni, taked advantage of fifteen years experience of three partners from major reality business leaders in the automotive ( engine, interior and exterior car ) appliances, lighting, accessories, furniture, approaching in the years to various types of molds for aluminum, magnesium, zinc and plastic for up to 4000 Ton presses.

Between the various technologies we list: jet-cooling, vacuum technology, squeeze-pin technology, molded hermetically sealed, cast traditional system or third plate.

Knowing the importance of meeting all the needs of the client in order to achive our aim, JUST PROJECTS uses software CATIA V5 reference software for years especially in the automotive sector.

Professionalism and discretion in connection with customers are an integral part of our working philosophy always accompanied by a steady evolution of our know-how.